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Updated: May 7, 2021

The original purpose behind my motivation to write children’s stories, was to offer something to the next generation that may benefit society as a whole. From my perspective, I have always been aware of the common themes of polarity that is ever present with our reality and even as a child I have felt pulled to balance, bridge and integrate these external polarities that I saw creating disharmony in the world around me. What this means in a personal way is... I had an innate sense of justice. Pretty wordy huh? As a child it would disturb me to witness extreme forms of behaviour that showed me someone sitting on either sides of an argument. I saw this as dangerous in my childlike way. I saw this as people believing that who ever stood on the opposite side was a threat. I saw people justify all forms of violence as good and right.... I personally saw that kind of behaviour as two sides of the same coin. The behaviours, words and actions carried out towards the “other” party was not justified at all in my young and simple view.

So growing up, I would go on to learn more about the nature of human beings and our relationship with the natural environment. I went on to discover life and the relationship between beings was very complex ...and so much of my own judgment fell away as I grew up.

To write about and develop certain characters was a fun endeavour for me.

One of my favorite characters is “Master Hoo” Master Hoo comes into ”The Adventures Of Ezekiel“ in Season Three. He is a great white owl that is, the master of time and space. He is also an intimidating character. For me he holds a very objective perspective and does not possess the same attachments that people have to this world. He offers advice and yet holds no emotion over any outcome that comes to pass. He is the witness and the keeper of ultimate balance within the greater universe. How he interacts with the main character ”Ezekiel“ provokes different emotions to different kids who hear the story unfold. Characters can be loved, feared or anything in between.... and that is the complex nature of human beings and their relationships with one another.

Another Character(s) in Season One is ”The Twin Grandmother Tree’s”. These lovely beings interact with the main character “Ezekiel“ in a supportive and nurturing manner. They show “Ezekiel“ hidden truths that exist deep within him and show great reverence for his true essence. They are wise and yet they are humble. All in all I created this character(s) to support “Ezekiel’s“ early growth within the story.

My main goal within my children’s stories was to move away from viewing the world in an extreme and polarised way. Within the story I wanted the ”outside“ reality to show a relationship with the “inside“ reality of the main character. My hope was to encourage kids to become inclined towards integration of their various “internal parts” instead of feeling threatened by them...and ultimately pushing undesirable or unwanted aspects of themselves away. If we as humans become more inclusive “inside” I believe we will become more inclusive on the outside as well. The world and it’s challenges will be far less threatening and our inclination will move in the direction of problem solving. If we feel supported and empowered as a race, starting from childhood, then we all, can benefit from that.

We can affect change in the world.

Much love and adventure,



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