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More on the rainforest Ezekiel explores:

Ever since Ezekiel was born here, in the Northern Rivers of NSW, we have camped multiple times a year in the Border Ranges National Park and its surrounding region.

Of course, when it came to me putting pen to paper years later, it was natural for me to use our connection with this beautiful land as the back drop for my stories.

Becoming a mother had reignited a childlike view of the world again... and exploring a rainforest with a little one in toe (or leading the way) became a magical experience. Centipede's got named and tree's were spoken too as beings that would communicate back. This all wove its way into the characters of "The Adventures Of Ezekiel" and it took almost no effort to construct storylines of wonderous and magical adventures.

Do you remember inspecting blades of grass for hours when you were a kid? I had forgotten until becoming a parent. Now it's like second nature to me again. Thank goodness for the purity of children, where anything is possible and nothing of the serious nature of the world has weighed them down yet. I discovered through relearning this magic that it was never really lost and that we can tap back into to it at any time we choose.

Rainforests are SO good for this, as I'm sure anyone who goes into one would know.

I have two young sons now and I get to continue my explorations into the wild on a regular basis... being lead by them, couched by them and inspired by them as well.

When was your last trip deep into nature? Could be time for a holiday if it's been a while...

Any old excuse works for me and I'm very blessed to live where I do.

Wishing you much love and adventures

Holly Tutin


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