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Is 'Ezekiel' Real?

Is the character “Ezekiel” In The Adventures Of Ezekiel

...based on a real person?

In the epic tale of “The Adventures Of Ezekiel”, there is, of course, the main character Ezekiel.

And YES indeed, the main character Ezekiel IS based on my son Ezekiel. I have derived the inspiration of this character from him. Ezekiel the real life kid has a lot in common with his fictional character.

For instance... The character Ezekiel as well as the Real Ezekiel, lives in the Northern Rivers region of New South Wales in Australia. This does have the Border Ranges National park and Protester Falls that Season One features, amongst other additional Seasons.

The character Ezekiel also shares in common a lot of the Real Ezekiel's personality traits, such as an innate sense of courage, enthusiasm and empathy. My son has always displayed an abundance of care for other people and has an incredible love for the natural environment, especially in this beautiful area that we live. He is adventurous and imaginative to the extreme. My son has been involved in helping me brainstorm where his character goes and what adventures he might take next.

Its been an amazing experience writing stories for him and with him for “The Adventures of Ezekiel”. Another interesting connection is in Season Two, Ezekiel the character learns to transform himself into a wolf. I chose this animal within the story based on Ezekiel (my sons) middle name. His middle name is, of course, Wolf! It was natural for me to incorporate this into the story as part of his fictional character. Its been so much fun drawing narratives out of experiences that we have had, and evolving them into wonderful fiction stories.

Much love and adventures,

Holly Tutin


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