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Audiobook/Radio Series (Part 2)

Hallelujah, Kaali my new editor, had come into my life! We worked together for about eight months editing the seven episodes of season one of; The Adventures of Ezekiel.

We sat down for two or three hours every Friday morning. She not only gave me a crash course in editing by “work shopping” my scripts with me, but she also taught me how to become a better writer. Not once while working with her, did I feel my creative expression was stifled or undermined. She held space for me in every sense of the word.

I think what I felt the most, was nurtured and respected by her. Not only did she understand the importance of my “voice” within the writing process but she also helped bring it out stronger and louder. The confidence I gained during that 8 months of editing, shifted me into my new life expression. I no longer wanted to be a writer.. I was a writer!

I had already spent many hours recording unedited scripts with Pete, as he had a big roll in my stories voicing the character of “Spirit”. His character within my stories would introduce each episode at the beginning, and summarise at the end. Pete's voice was amazing....a real character!

Episode two in season one, was also dedicated to introducing the character “Spirit”, so Pete had more dialogue to read than any other episode. Later on, he would also take on the voice of Marty the mouse, and who knows, I'm sure his vocal genius will be brought in for more roles in the future too.

I had gained enormous satisfaction in learning how to narrate. I also had a hand in several characters as well. A few I nailed... and a few I failed. I'll share more details about that journey later.

I was enjoying myself like a kid on Christmas morning, only this project kept expanding, and it continues to expand everyday.

After 8 months of editing I was ready to re-record. This time with refined material. Pete and I had experience and practice in our roles and we were ready to smash it out.

Unfortunately another road block halted the project... I had to look for another producer! This was a big pause in its forward movement. But I was determined to follow through with its completion. It had taken on a life of its own now... and it had its own personality. I could feel its wants and desires. Weird huh? It needed to be brought to fruition.

The pause stretched out as I searched for a new producer. I needed a sound engineer that could record us and take it into post production , ready to be aired on Radio and be released as an audio book. That damn pause kept stretching out longer and longer... finding “said” producer was proving very challenging. Everyone I reached out to couldn't do it. Every company I contacted didn't have anyone available. Every radio station I rang, came up with zip. I was pulling my hair out... So I shifted my focus onto other areas of the project.

First, I went and found myself an amazing illustrator. Another talented local by the name of Alice Dowall. Secondly, I begun doing practical research, with the focus of finding my target market audience.

At my sons school, they have combined classes. In the one room, with one teacher, there are kids with ages ranging between 5 and 9. I started reading my stories to them every Wednesday morning, One chapter (or episode) a week.

It was a smash hit!

It was wonderful, every time I would go to the school to drop off, or pick up my son, the children would bounce around me, excited and wanting to know what happens next in “The Adventures of Ezekiel”.

During this time I would practice different techniques of reading my stories. One reading would be very professional in its narration. The next reading, I'd pump in a huge amount of expression! I literally got to see, with my own eyes, how the kids responded too, not only the way I expressed each character, but also, how engaging the story actually was. I would go home after each story telling session and make adjustment to the scripts. If I lost their attention during long monologues, I would re-write to make it shorter and more exciting.

It was a wonderful resource. My Illustrator proved to be fantastic to work with too. We collaborated well together to bring “The Adventures of Ezekiel” to life in a visual way. I figured, once this series was birthed into the realm of Radio, podcasts and digital downloads/audio books, I wanted it to be a physical book.. or two or three..

It would also need a website and a website needed to be visually engaging. Alice produced some wonderful artwork and still continues to do so to this day. She became yet another invaluable member of the team.

There are so many ways this project has expanded. With its expansion I also experience my own. I am on a journey along with my characters. Indeed all the people that get drawn into its vortex are the most amazing characters as well, in their own right.

I am learning more and more every day how stepping into the flow, really is a fluid experience and It never follows the course you think it will.

Much love and adventures,

Holly Tutin

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