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Audiobook/Radio Series (Part 1)

It was suggested to me a few years ago... “why don't you turn your stories into a kids Radio show?”

In my spare time I had written a whole bunch of children's stories, wherein my son's were the main characters. I found it profoundly easy to create in this way.

My eldest son, was about 5 and half years old at the time. He helped me brainstorm new idea's for where “his” character could go, in what was to become an epic chronicle.

I would write a chapter, then read it aloud for him at bedtime.

I felt my imagination flow in an endless stream into note books. A friend of mine who had been involved in community radio for over 20 years suggested to me, “Let's record these..” as he, himself, had experience in production and was broadcasting his own radio show on NIMFM. He also had all the recording equipment, so we decided to go for it! Those early days opened my eyes to knew possibilities and I learned a great many things.

You see I had left school at the end of year 12 and gone straight into a hairdressing apprenticeship. I knew I didn't want to go to university but I also knew I needed to be creative and work with my hands. It was a great fit for me for over 10 years, however, when I began having kids and moved into my new role of being a full time mum, I loved the challenge of something new.

If I am not growing and expanding with learning new things, I get very restless. That's why learning all the in's and outs of writing and narrating my stories into a Radio format has been so exhilarating for me. What was even better... was my mini awakening through my new creative expression. I call it that, because of the inner pull I was feeling that was synonymous with following a calling. This was an overwhelming feeling in its direction towards my life purpose. I could see the impact I could make through telling stories to children.

I could see the vast opportunities opening up for a positive influence in the world at large, through the next generation. For me personally, I was learning new skills and I LOVE learning new skills.

I felt myself stretching with the challenges it offered me.

At no stage in the process did I feel like these challenges were there to slow me down. In fact, every “road bump” or “closed door” always proved to me, time and time again, to be a change in direction this project ultimately needed.

It took on a life of its own. Its path twisted and turned like a flowing river.

Some things flowed easily, such as finding my first character voice actor. He was a friend and neighbour of mine who had also been involved in community radio for may years. His name was Pete. I will write more about this amazing human being later, in another blog dedicated just to him.

At other times, the project was met with huge resistance. In the early days, one of the biggest challenges was self editing the stories whilst putting them into script form. The whole project was almost scrapped. I was not giving up on it though. Not ever. I knew that I would find a way. Since self editing wasn't working, and the frustrations of having in house disagreements within our little team were starting to boil over... We took a pause and I decided to go get myself a real editor. Luckily in my little town of Nimbin, you can't throw a rock without hitting an artist or professional in any creative industry you have a need for.

Not long after the project had come to a near stand still, I approached My friend Kaali who has editing experience as well as a creative writing degree. To my relief, she agreed to go through all my scripts with me. Another legend in her own right, Kaali would become one of my favourite people in the world! Indeed, I would like to dedicate a whole blog in the future to the magic this woman holds. Little did I know how much her input would catapult me and my new career as a writer into the next stage of its journey.

I think the point I am trying to make, is that I felt myself unfolding. That I had a new creative outlet and it was serving my higher purpose. I couldn't deny that this new version of myself was growing bigger and stronger everyday.

Much love and adventures,

Holly Tutin


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